Darkstar Sections

Reusable content blocks. Create & Insert wherever you want!

Build custom content

Just like any other page, use the power of Elementor and our premium widgets.

Insert it anywhere you want!

Insert on otherwise unreachable locations such as blog, shop, product!

Update it globally on all locations!

Use it on multiple locations, make edits and it will update on all instances!

Need to insert a page into another page? That's exactly what Darkstar Sections do. Darkstar Sections are a custom post type designed specifically for being inserted into other pages and into locations whch are not editable by the block editor, text editor or Elementor editor. Insert custom content you built with Elementor anywhere in the theme or create reusable global sections and place them at many places at once.

Want a custom footer, custom shop hero slider or a custom banner just after the blog posts end? We've got you!

Think of it like this: Darkstar Sections give you absolute freedom to create! If you, like us, respect the frameworks for their efficiency but still like to be free to exit the constraints and create something unique, then Darkstar Sections are the perfect tool you've been looking for.

Two-fold usefulness, Custom Content & Global Content!

Darkstar Sections have two major functionality benefits. The first is, of course, being able to insert custom content anywhere, including hard to access places. And the second one is being globally updated. In other words, you can use one sections on as many locations as you like and when you change it, it will automatically update wherever you've used it. This second functionality is super-useful for sections like Call To Action, notices, status updates etc. For example, you can create a section called My Custom Notice, leave it empty for future use and place it on blog, shop, products etc. Then when you need to display something on all those places at once, simply open up My Custom Notice and add your content.